Cromatic Instincts (RECORDING)

First EP by OTO Creations Team & Desigual:

01. New and good. (Tió/Roz/Ibáñez)

      1. New is Good

02. Nous sommes tous faits de rêves. (Bugni/Roz/Ibáñez)

      2. Nous sommes tous faits de Rêves

04. Dont need too much. (Ibáñez/Bugni)

      3. Dont need too much

05. Rainbow. (Tió/Capote)

      4. Rainbow

It all started in a well known bar at Rambla del Raval:
– Why not, for instance, promote young artist´s careers by recording a Single composed by us, or by choosing one of their songs in particular…
– Better if you and your team compose the tunes, write the lyrics and produce them, then eventually we can organize Vocal Sessions and other musicians performances in the studio.
(At that point each clung to his beer looking for solutions to the many unknowns that opened before us).
– And then we edit a record?
– Yes.