Extract from a concert series organized by the pianist, presenting his first album, “Cruzar Mundos”. The album combines his original tunes and covers of standards and exceptional artists like Jimmy Rowles, Bud Powell, Tom Jobim or, in this case, a McCoy Tyner original.
Musicians like Paco Weth on the double-bass, Rodrigo Pahlen on the harmonica, Guillermo Calliero on the trumpet, Sabina Witt on vocals and Joao Vieria on drums came to support the album’s debut in Barcelona. Upcoming concerts will be listed on this page.

Someone To Watch Over Me

I discovered Rosalía Vila (yes, the famous Rosalía) in 2011 at one of the most famous jams in the Catalan capital.

This meeting led to a series of collaborations that went from playing live in some cultural centers in Barcelona to these recordings, in search for a clearer artistic identity. She and I also recorded the music for marketing campaigns so that the young and talented singer could be discovered and develop what today is considered one of the most successful musical careers in all of Spain: Today, Rosalía is the Catalan artist with the widest international reach since Lola Flores in the 60s. She clearly is marching toward becoming a peninsular pop culture icon in Spain and worldwide.


“Name of John Coltrane’s tune” played by the O.Bugni Trio at the end of Mandacaru’s Gig (Jazz Club Barcelona, 2015).

Original tune by Octavio Bugni Trío, featured at Madacaru’s Music Club, Barcelona, Spain, 12.04.2014.
Musicians: Camilo Fernández on double-bass, Joao Vieira on drums and Octavio Bugni on piano.

Hallie’s Tune

I Wish You Were Here

Original song by Octavio Bugni, recorded at OTO Creations studios. Barcelona, March 2015.

Original tune by the pianist, dedicated to the Brazilian artist Wanda Pimentel.

Frau Wanda

Teaser del disco “Another Shade of Blue” Octavio Bugni 2016

Octavio Bugni’s first album is the reflection of a spiritual journey between Buenos Aires, with its tango influence and Catalonia, a land of immigrants and trade, where the pianist collaborated with the greatest singers of his generation: Rosalía Vila, Maïa Vidal, Gemma Abrié, and Sabina Witt. The rhythm section is from Buenos Aires (double-bass, drums, piano and bandoneon) and the lead voices were recorded in Barcelona (Sabina Witt, Maïa Vidal, Gemma Abrié). This album was envisioned from two shores: Barcelona’s Mediterranean, and the Buenos Aires Río de la Plata. The repertoire is based on the pianist’s original tunes, and a thoughtful selection of jazz standards, which demonstrate his commitment to the language of improvisation and jazz tradition, drawing inspiration directly from exceptional composers like Jimmy Rowles, Bud Powell and John Coltrane.