This section documents the experiences I consider valuable as a teacher, and that could have meaning or value for my students. I have been teaching piano since I was 18. With over 15 years of experience as a teacher, I felt compelled to create my own original content, exceptional courses, reflections and analyses that I wanted to gather and supplement over the course of the years.


Here we also show extracts from the Master Classes, we organize in the  OTO Music House studio open classes by recognized pianists and musicians like Michael Kanan, Gilles Estoppey, Jon Urrutia and more to come.

Piano Well Being // Piano + Yoga     


Work proposed:

  • Exercises away from the instrument:tapon 1 and 3 w/ the feet, 2 and 4 with the hands. (Mike Kanan + Sophia Rosoff).
  • Transpose the tone of the composition and prepare it for piano alone (F flat to C flat)
  • Work on the awareness of internal rhythm.
  • Record yourself and listen to yourself.
  • Keep working the rhythmic feel of eighth notes.
  • Play with and over the audio of Ella Fitzgerald.


Joan is 10 years old and easily learns melodies and bass lines. He likes jazz standards and already knows a few.


We use the sheet music from the Real Book and “557 Standards” and we play songs by ear directly from the audio archives. We occasionally create videos with examples and pieces for him to use at home.


Ines is 9 years old and is learning full ballads with counterpoint harmonies for the left hand. In light of the facility and enthusiasm that students like Ines or Joan show, we decided, together with other colleagues from the music school, to develop our own learning method, called Jazz for Kids.