Based on the poetry book “Música Màquina”, byLluís Julià
With Jordi Figueras
Version and directed by Biel Duran and Oriol Tió
Music and sound design: Oriol Tió
Lighting: Natàlia Ramos

Música Màquina is a self-exploration, frustration and abandonment process of a man who slowly deflates,  becoming more and more alienated from his time and increasingly detaching from the world. It is a being who, to some extent, grazes an extreme vulnerability and finally becomes more recognizable and human. The result of this show comes from the multidisciplinary dialectics which comprises, on one hand, the gesture and the word -understood as essential elements of the theater- and on the other, the experimentation that provides music technology -through a series of electroacoustic pieces- that, ultimately, have to serve us to understand and sensorialize the psychological and emotional universe of our main character.